AUREA Performance’s contribution starts with establishing with you a strategic plan. There is a vision that must emerge and it should establish the resources that will be required to drive this new initiative to grow and prosper. 

It is also vital to, thanks to this shared documentation, get the staff to adhere to the project and thus make it thrive.

  • Moderate and drive brainstorming and shared experience meetings
  • Interview large customers or prospects
  • Analyse market trends
  • Competitive overview
  • Write the strategic plan

We use a permanent, and kind of cyclical, check and review method that is important to ensure that the elements founding the business plan are validated by clients’ demands.

In a BtoB marketplace, one can keep a customer but change counterpart in the same organisation, therefore approaching the sale in a very different way. It is a difficult exercise and the distance that a consulting company like AUREA Performance has, brings objectivity and speed of decision.

In a BtoC marketplace, one moves from a logic of instant price performance ratios that can be impulse driven to a relational logic founded on duration and establishing trust, care and support as well as consistency of service over time.