• Definition of Market Studies
  • Gathering data at the worldwide, national or regional level
  • Write the Marketing plan

Once the strategic plan is written, it is essential that it be shared with the Sales force and the major clients.

We all can see the obvious that happens within organisations. The “non official” culture, that has historically glued together the organization, changes. It is key to “level” the differences, misunderstandings and misperceptions that now appear, without oversimplifying.

To succeed in services, the speech must be clear, the words easily remembered and the form must both seduce and generate trust.

A history of working with advertising agencies, the relentless insistence on brief quality to get the best out of the creative, the knowledge of the benefits of both traditional media as well as the most recent such as Social networks, are the benefits that AUREA Performance delivers in this critical stage of formalising the key messages.