At the critical moments of change, which we describe in our Consulting offering, a key point is often overlooked: the support of the employees to the future project of the company. 

The examples are many of perfectly legitimate and rational projects that have failed due to this very reason. And what compounds this, is that your company has been successful at what it is has been doing in its current i.e. former phase.
There is a process, similar to mourning, which has to take place and be gone through. It is essential to inform about the new situation, to share the strategic goals and coach the teams into the deployment of the new offerings.

  • Awareness
  • Presentation on the change issues
  • Experience sharing sessions, taken from similar and acceptable cases
  • Create understanding by sharing key market trendsTraining seminars
  • Establish general program to support and launch the initiative
  • Establish specific programs by department on their new roles
  • Team certification according to business practice
  • Interactive role play
  • Cross Teams Group Dynamics to favour horizontal exchange and “break” silos
  • Coaching and Deployment
  • Create KPIs to follow progress against strategic plan
  • Moderate themed meetings by department
  • Dynamic coaching of Sales Forces
  • Metrics, Incentives and Sales RewardsCoaching
  • Create collective and individual career paths
  • Define progress routes
  • Personal follow up